The Broxbourne Liberal Democrats on Town Centres and Planning

Town Centre Regeneration
Waltham Cross town centre has long been neglected by the Conservatives in the borough. Each plan that has been created to improve the area has involved adding plants, trees and flowers and repaving certain areas, but have never dealt with underlying problems facing the area. Whilst improving the town centre visually is very important to make it a more pleasant place to spend time, residents of Waltham Cross deserve much more than window dressing.

The town centre lacks affordable parking, despite having a huge, barely used multi-storey car park and the parking charges are not redeemable in the town’s anchor shops such as Sainsbury’s. There are many unused units in the town which could provide a huge opportunity to create more jobs in Waltham Cross whilst making it a nicer place to shop, eat and live. The Liberal Democrats want to make changes to the town centre that benefit all. Local residents, market stall holders, small businesses and our long time anchors, like Fishpools, all deserve better.

Waltham Cross Town Centre, Image Courtesy of Herts Mercury

Local Planning
The Conservatives in Broxbourne have long treated the planning system locally as a way of allowing big developers to snatch up large plots of land and build small and inadequate homes. The Broxbourne Liberal democrats recognise the need for more housing in the borough, particularly as our young people are finding it increasingly difficult to live in the area they have grown up in, but new development must provide well designed, visually appealing homes that are fit for today. The Liberal Democrats in Broxbourne would also ensure that new development is sustainable, our local infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals and parks must be well maintained, fit for purpose and be able to keep up with changes in the built environment.

The Broxbourne Liberal Democrats also support making changes to local planning rules to allow home-owners to invest in their homes, community and future.

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