Cheshunt Lakeside (Delamare Road) Development: Broxlibdems Making sure the development works for local people

For anyone who may not be aware, now that Tesco has relocated its headquarters from Delamare Road, the buildings along the road are effectively empty. A developer, Inland homes, has recently put forward proposals for the road’s redevelopment.

A public consultation was recently held and the Broxbourne Liberal Democrats visited it to listen to members of the public and the developers.

Ariel View of the Proposal


Whilst the Broxbourne Liberal Democrats broadly support the redevelopment of the site, we have several concerns about the current proposal, in broad terms these are:

Inadequate parking provision for residents of the new homes.
The developer is proposing one parking space for every home, in other parts of our borough where houses and flats have only one parking space roads are often clogged and residents are unable to park near their own homes.

Concerns surrounding congestion.
The new development would do very little to improve the traffic flow in the area, the borough is already struggling with traffic levels and low spending on roads and public transport.

How many properties will be on the site.
Inland Homes plans to build around 2000 flats on the site, which we feel is far too many for the size of land available. Relating to our previous points, the more properties are built on the site, the bigger the strain will be on everything else.

The Broxbourne Lib Dems do however welcome the Inland Home’s commitment to 20% social housing and 20% shared ownership properties within the scheme.

Broxlibdems contacted the developer to put our concerns to them, and Inland homes responded (to view this response click here). Whilst we are thankful for this, we do not feel the response we received goes anyway towards allaying our concerns and as such these still stand. We await further information, as well as the formal planning application to be submitted before taking further action.


What do you think? Please let us know your views on the development by contacting us at or on twitter or Facebook at @broxlibdems to see more pictures and for further information on the proposal click here.

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