Julia Bird for Broxbourne

Julia Bird is our Liberal Democrat Candidate in the General Election on December 12th.


Julia brings a fresh voice to Broxbourne after years of the Tories taking our area for granted. Julia was formerly an academic economist, and she sees the need for effective policies to build a strong and fairer economy - not the reckless politics of recent years. She is committed to investing in improving services, particularly in education which drives opportunities for the next generation. She is also very concerned about air pollution in the Borough, and the climate emergency.

Julia spent six years living in France where she studied for a PhD. She values greatly the opportunities that arise from freedom of movement, and the benefits that come from working alongside other countries.

"I'm committed to building a brighter future for Broxbourne. I've campaigned against Brexit from day one, believing we are better off leading in Europe and working together with our neighbours on crucial issues including climate change.

Migration has brought so many positives to our community here in Broxbourne.. There are many EU migrants who call Broxbourne homeĀ  and I want them to feel fully welcome here.

Since the Brexit referendum, there has been uncertainty for families, uncertainty for businesses, and uncertainty for our key services. It's time to stop that, and refocus our time and energy on building a a brighter future for us all."