Broxbourne Demands Better

Safer Streets

We believe better provision can be made for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and drivers across our area. We would monitor resurfacing work is addressed in a timely manner, encourage better lighting in car parks and improved markings on cycle lanes. We would also be keen to review the effectiveness of the Police Commissioner's promise of more police patrols in the Borough.

Cleaner Air

Air pollution is a serious health hazard and already breaches legal levels in Broxbourne. Provision can and should be made at problem spots such as the A10 crossroads with College Road. Should the Conservative backed incinerator go ahead – constant and vigilant monitoring of pollution levels must be made.


Better planned housing
We have a need for homes and people are at risk being excluded from decent housing for generations to come. It is however absolutely essential for any new housing to have appropriate infrastructure of schools, healthcare, roads, parking etc. to properly support it. But to not destroy the very reasons people wanted to live here in the first place – the beautiful verdant Lea Valley.


Scrutiny, Transparency and Accountability
We will provide much-needed scrutiny and Opposition to the ruling conservatives and bring transparency and responsibility by reporting back council activities to residents. Thereby ensuring the needs of borough residents are being met - everything from public toilets to assist/alarm buttons for those who need them by way of bin collection costs.