David Payne

Your candidate for Goffs Oak

David has lived in the Borough of Broxbourne for over forty years, sending his three children to excellent local schools and enjoying the Lee Valley Park’s green spaces. During his working life he has had a range of experience, working as an HR Manager for an International Company, as a pension scheme trustee and running his own consultancy business. Together with his wife Val he has been actively involved in local school and church activities.
David has always shared the Liberal Democrats' commitment to fairness and equality, but recently has felt that he needs to do more.
David feels that voters need the option to opt for change and that’s why he stood as candidate in the Goffs Oak and Bury Green County Council by-election back in February and for Goffs Oak Ward in the May Council Elections .
David feels that the government is consumed by Brexit and the Conservatives who run Broxbourne Council have become ever more remote from the needs of local people. He is also very concerned by the years of austerity-driven cuts to police, social care and other vital public services the borough has experienced.
David is strong voice for the borough and would like effect change a councillor. He believes that without strong opposition in the council, ill thought out changes will continue to be bulldozed through.


Kirstie De Rivaz

Your candidate for Broxbourne and Hoddesdon South

Kirstie has lived in Hoddesdon for the last 24 years, volunteering in the Oxfam shop in the High Street for 22 of them! She has a keen interest in all that concerns vulnerable adults as she has a daughter with special needs. Should  she ever be privileged to represent the people of Broxbourne that is the area she would most like to bring her knowledge to.


Kostas Inchenko

Your candidate for Cheshunt North

Kostas is of Greek and Ukranian heritage and, over 50 years ago at the age of seven came to live with his father in North London. By the age of 22 he had started his own business in ladies fashion, was married with four children, and had bought his own house in Cheshunt. Two years ago he retired and celebrated with his children and grandchildren in that same house. Every one of his children and grandchildren has attended the same two schools – Brooklands and Turnford.

Bradley Davis

Your candidate for Rosedale and Bury Green

A teacher in North London, Bradley has lived in Broxbourne for a few years now and as a single dad of sons he believes strongly in family and children's rights.

‘I feel Broxbourne should have additional youth schemes, be it funded, or simply the provision of community centres or space for others to run schemes. When I moved to Broxbourne there was a real community feel, I remember flyers for various gatherings regularly happening, that now sadly seems to be disappearing with the loss of services.

But I also believe more funding should be made available for education for all age groups, not just up to 18. Broxbourne has many nationalities, so language or training should be made available through partner organisations for adults, and with funding covered where possible. This will help those who wish to make a career change improve their English, Mathematics or ICT.

I love the Borough with its wonderful open spaces – it has meant I’ve met people from all walks of life and heard their ideas about how they would like Broxbourne to be. After all as a public servant we should listen to the community, discover their needs and take action on their behalf wherever possible.’


Lisa Naylor

Your candidate for Wormley and Turnford

A teacher of History and Politics in Stevenage, Lisa lives in Wormley with her husband and three teenage daughters.

‘The thing I think is mostly missing from the council in this borough are sufficient facilities for young people. There are so many lovely voluntary groups trying their best to fill the void but we need youth clubs and cheap sports facilities. Should I be fortunate enough to be asked to represent this ward that is an area I would want to address early on.

What I love most about Broxbourne is the willingness of so many people to give up their time to support the local community. It is heart-warming.’


Gianluca Perotti

Your candidate for Hoddesdon Town and Rye Park

Gianluca discovered Hoddesdon in 2015 when he had been offered a job in the local area. With his wife and son he moved in that same year although he has since changed employment - he is now in the accounts team at Van Hage’s in Ware - whilst also studying for his SIMA certificate. His claim to fame is that two of his forefathers were presidents of Ecuador! If he was ever fortunate enough to follow in their footsteps and represent the public, his particular interest is in specialist child care provision. His son is autistic and he is learning of the singular challenges that throws up for parents.


Fabio Bonfante

Your candidate for Waltham Cross