Sir Charles Walker MP on the Corona Virus Pandemic

Speaking on Radio 4 recently Sir Charles Walker, MP for Broxbourne, said that the threat of the virus had been overplayed. According to Sir Charles “The Government can’t  stop elderly dying” because the fact is people in their 80’s and 90’s die”, instead, “our focus should be on protecting them, not limiting the life chances of young people and people of middle age who are responsible for running and owning businesses”.
The government’s scientific advisors are not so complacent, they describe the virus as a “very large epidemic with catastrophic consequences”. The last time that the virus ran out of control in March,  the strategy of isolating the vulnerable failed with tragic consequences. Despite the efforts of dedicated staff, an estimated 22,000 care home residents died across the country. Even elderly and vulnerable people living alone need regular contact for care and services.
The Government needs to learn lessons from South Korea and Taiwan where effective Track and Trace Systems, combined with  short sharp national lockdowns, have succeeded in driving the virus out and preventing young and old from catching it.
A policy of trying to open up the economy whilst isolating the old and vulnerable is inhumane and doomed to failure.
A post by David Payne, Lib Dem campaigner

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