Woodside Primary School – A Clarification

Pick up your local paper and you will read about Broxbourne local council congratulating itself, in advance, for achieving “sustainability” by 2020. Unfortunately, this is interpreted very narrowly as balancing the Councils books by slashing budgets and the wholesale commercialisation of front-line services. Goffs Oak Voters know the quality of their local environment continues to deteriorate due to poorly planned development.

Lib Dem campaigners are meeting voters, on doorsteps across the ward, who choose to live in Goffs Oak as a friendly village community but are now struggling to get out of their driveways due to ever heavier local traffic or competing to get appointments at overstretched local surgeries.

We also hear voters tell us that “It’s all too late” and “nothing can be done”: But that’s not actually true. Developers are still queuing up with schemes to erode our precious local green belt. Just in the last three months, developers have lodged plans to build a further 70 new houses, all generating additional traffic for Cuffley Hill and Goffs Lane. The Council will be challenged for years by problems caused by local overdevelopment (pollution, congestion, inadequate provision of schools, surgeries etc) which will need to be managed.


A vote for the Lib Dems on May 2nd sends a message to the Tory dominated council that voters will not let them get away with bulldozing through a flawed local plan and ignoring the consequences. I certainly intend to be a hard-working councillor if voted in. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and if you would like to contact me you can do so anytime at
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Very best wishes,

David Payne

P.S. I recently met with a group of concerned parents of a good local school (Woodside Primary) who are challenging the attempt by the school governors to transfer
the school over to a Multi Academy Trust (Ivy MAT) without a full and transparent consultation. You have got to admire their determination.

Plenty of feedback on my P.S. and so I must make clear. It is the "Hands Off Woodside" Parents Group who are concerned that the school transfer over to academy status may be undertaken without full and transparent consultation. I understand that the consultation period will be extended for a further 2 weeks beginning April 25th. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for all the stakeholders to come together and reach a consensus on what is best for the school.


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